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Walking In the Morning

So does walking in the morning on an empty stomach actually help you burn more fat the answer is yes I'm gonna give you two reasons why but I'm gonna give you one major reason why you should not do it coming up hey what's up guys my name's Thomas and this channel is all about helping you get full-time fitness results with part-time fitness lifestyle. Because like you I cherish other things in life a way more than I cherish the gym but I still want to look and feel good so if you're interested in that hit the subscribe button if you're curious about any of the things we talked about it's all gonna be in the show notes below and here we go reason number one why walking in the morning on an empty stomach that's the key on an empty stomach your body is in a fasted state in the morning unless you woke up a couple times but normally you slept you're seven eight hours you're in a fasted state in the morning so as a postive being in the middle of the day where your body's got you no fuel coming in.

It's a little burning off of that in the morning if you go for a walk your body's gonna slowly start breaking down those fatty acid cells or those fatty cells to burn as energy right so that's key number one empty stomach key number two walking and walking is the key because it's low intensity and low intensity is the key because your body needs an ample amount of oxygen in its blood system to metabolize those fatty acids as we start raising the intensity and the volume of oxygen in our blood goes down our body starts switching over to different types of fuel carbs you know breaking down proteins things like this and so if you've ever had a personal trainer or any sort of instruction that sense they'll tell you that low intensity is when you can be doing it with a partner and have a conversation while you're doing so that's a type of intensity of a walk you should be doing is it should literally be a stroll walking the dogs being able to be on the phone while you're walking okay so don't be tempted to take the intensity up so it works it works guys it really does the longer you can do it the better but I promised you I was gonna give you one reason why you should not do it even though it works and here's what it is if you're not a morning person right if you've tried to be a morning it's never worked you know it's not gonna work I promise you it's not gonna work now just because you want to burn a little extra fat you've got to change the life you have that you like and tweak it piece by piece until you get the goal you want don't start implementing huge changes just for one little thing right so I thank you guys for watching let me know in the comments below what you think if you've tried it if you liked it and until next time I'll see you guys later gee-whiz
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