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Iphone 12 Review

We have wrote an article on the iphone 12 since july mostly because i like to wait until i have a few more things to talk about in a video and we haven't really had a good amount of leaks well until now so we finally have some major updates on the iphone 12 pro the apple watch series 6 which apparently is actually launching next week as well as the ipad air 4 and the upcoming apple events so without any further ado get a snacks ready sit back relax and enjoy are you looking for a great case for your brand new ipad well in that case look no further than the ziggoo case the zika case not only provides military-grade protection for your ipad by providing front back and side protection. It is also the ultimate case when it comes to flexibility it features nine adjustable viewing angles all of which automatically snap into place thanks to the magnets that are built into the front cover and those magnets are in fact so strong that you can even place your ipad on a fridge and the zika case will keep it securely into place it's made out of a high quality matte vegan leather

It looks and feels extremely premium and with a dedicated slot for charging the apple pencil as well as a separate slot on the back for storing it the zika case is really the perfect case for any apple pencil user and really for any ipad user that wants a case that offers all the flexibility that you would dream about also if you want to spend 120 on the apple pencil zuku is also selling their own stylus for just 15 which perfectly fits in both slots of the zika case check out the zika case using the link below okay so when it comes to the iphone 12 you might remember the large amount of leaks that we got in 2020 you know leak suggesting that the frame was going to be squared off just like on the iphone 4 and 5 the notch was going to be smaller and the triple lens camera module from the f11 pros would now be a quad camera module with one of the modules being that lidar sensor and even though these changes were like eh so and so i would have loved to see the notch being made even smaller or even removed entirely like that would have been a pretty noticeable change but it seems like those three changes are not even happening at least two of them so john prosser posted this cat drawing of the iphone 12 notch back in may which appeared to show the speaker grille being moved into the top bezel and therefore the notch was a bit smaller this way then another leaker with a pretty good track record chocobit posted an image of the iphone 12 pro showing the smaller notch the quad camera module on the back again with one of the modules being a lighter sensor so not an actual camera and we also saw the ios 14 widgets this was also back in may so way before ios 14 was actually announced to the public now we did get the widgets but unfortunately the other two changes would not be happening anymore.

John prosser posted this on august the 26th saying that unfortunately the notch is staying the same the bezels are getting thinner notably thinner this is how he phrased it so at least there's that the notch will appear smaller on the 6.7 inch iphone 12 pro max as the display itself will be bigger john also mentioned that face id will work from wider angles even flat on the table so this is indeed a really nice. Welcome improvement john confirmed once again that the sides will be flat like we've seen on the iphone 4 and the iphone 5 so once again this matches with all the previous leaks that we've had and the glass will indeed have a slight curve so it won't be a fully flat glass which will make it easier to use when it comes to gestures john is also saying that the entire camera module would now be 10 larger i'm assuming that he's referring to you know the big square housing all those four modules now in terms of that back camera ray we've had a bunch of recent leaks case leaks mostly showing that we're still getting a triple n scanner module array instead of that four one that we've seen leaked before um as the lighter module would now be positioned in a very similar manner to how the flash is i don't know i think that that's a worse approach and the lighter module on the ipad pro 2020 is actually quite a bit larger than the one on these iphone 12 leaks so maybe apple can pull this off and compact the components a bit more to make it smaller but in my opinion i still think that this looks nicer uh with that four or quad camera module array rather than whatever design this is so let me know in the comments which camera module arrangement do you guys prefer for the iphone 12 pro's design okay so no smaller notch no quad camera arrangement on the back which in my opinion would have looked better so any other updates actually let me rephrase that any updates uh well we still don't know for sure uh what is happening with that high reef afraid display we've had countless leagues saying that it will happen and also countless leagues saying that it won't happen but luckily it seems like there is still some hope john prosser posted a bunch of photos and even a full hands-on video of an iphone 12 pro pvt unit now ppt units are the production validation test units and they're basically tested by apple employees in order to ensure that they're working correctly they need to undergo a bunch of tests and if they pass all the tests correctly these are the units that will be mass produced so in most cases these are exactly how the retail units would look like and interesting enough there is actually a toggle in the settings to enable high reverb trades on these devices but there's also a nodes below that telling employees to check if their pvt unit actually supports high refresh rates by the way these ones right here are just some dummy units of the upcoming iphone 12 so the iphone 12 the iphone 12 pro and the iphone 12 pro max we actually did a separate video on just these so you can actually watch the video here if you want to learn more about these units um anyways going back to what i was talking about so it seems that apple has actually manufactured some units with 120 hertz while some other units without display analyst ross young reports that based on his sources it is way more likely for apple to release the iphone 12 pro with just a standard 60hz panel so it seems like apple has managed to get the actual 120hz panels in the end but not the 120hz driver so we'll have to wait and see what happens but in my opinion the high refresh rates on the iphone 12 pro is a must like if these phones well just the pros if they don't come with a high refrain display this will be such an underwhelming device in my opinion aside from like aside from the squared off frame this is literally this is literally the only main feature that you get and fun fact. we've actually had high ripper freight smartphones since yes when not 2019 not 2018 but 2017. the first phone to come with a highway freight display was the razer phone one which featured a 120 hertz panel back in november 2017. since then more and more smartphones have started including this to the point where even mid-range smartphones in 2020 such as the oneplus nord do come with a 90 hertz panel

I know that apple wants to wait until they get it working properly uh and they're also constraining battery life on this so essentially what they're trying to do is they're trying to use an ltpo panel so that they can adjust refresh rates from 120 hertz all the way down to one single hertz dynamically just like just like on the ipad pros um they're doing this with the ipad pro's promotion display but that's an lcd panel rather than an oled so if you want to do this with an oled you need an ltpo display and the only smartphone manufacturer at the moment that does have an ltpu panel is samsung so they have one on the note 20 ultra and the zedfall but that's it and samsung has made it quite clear to apple that they would not be able to provide them with an ltpo panel in 2020 as they're focusing on their main smartphones but seems like this has changed or at least apple has found a different solution to that now judging from those pvt units it seems like they can only switch between a 60hz mode and a 120hz mode which to me points that these are not ltpo displays but rather a standard 120hz panel like we've seen on most 2019 and 2020 smartphones like on these phones you can indeed switch between 60hz and 120hz you can even toggle on automatic setting but yeah nothing more than that anyways if the iphone doesn't have 120 hertz like i said this would be a major disappointment in my eyes but let me know in the comments if 120 hertz or even 90 hertz so high river free display um if the iphone 12 won't have this the iphone 12 pro will that be a major downside in your eyes now when it comes to the camera module we haven't really had any massive leaks aside from a new sensor that apple could be using to enable better low light performance as well as night mode with that ultra wide angle module which by the way you cannot do it on the iphone 11 pro for whatever reason but aside from that we can see in john prosser's images that the camera will actually support 4k at 120 frames per second as well as 4k at 240 frames per second both of which are likely to be slow motion at least uh the 4k to 40 fps mode uh as that's listed as slow-mo so that's that's pretty nuts on a phone like there's no other phone on the market other than the iphone 11 pro that can shoot 4k on all three lenses on the back and you know we can also shoot 4k 60 on the front. 

 Now the iphone 12 pro will bump that to 4k 120 and even 4k 240. so yeah it's pretty nuts what apple's processor is capable of but that's mostly it unfortunately there will be no charger in the box we've had quite a few more reports on that so that's pretty much as good as confirmed to dream reported that the lighting cable will now be braided so at least there's that now when it comes to the release date john prosser has posted a timeline for apple's upcoming releases up until this point john prosser actually got all of his release dates 100 correct so this should be hopefully fairly accurate and according to john apple will launch the new apple watch next week followed by the new ipad then the iphone 12 event won't be in september unfortunately but in mid-october so that's being delayed followed by the iphone 12 release again delayed to october the 19th uh followed by the iphone 12 pro release which is delayed sometime in november oh i forgot to mention the best literally the best feature of the iphone 12. this is it guys there we go it can stand on its own which is pretty amazing for device shots like you probably won't care about this but we definitely will so what about the apple watch series 6 then well if you've been enjoying this video we have some really awesome content coming up in the next few days so it would be quite cool if you could subscribe so that you don't miss out as you know it's it's free to do so but yeah when it comes to the apple watch 36 my number one request would be apple to redesign the entire watch and just make it into a circular watch or at least offer us a secondary option design wise for the apple watch you know this would be my personal request and i would love to see that happen let me know in the comments if you guys prefer the current design or if you want to see something a bit different maybe even circular on a brand new apple watch but unfortunately this will not happen this year as design wise the series 6 will look basically identical to the series 5. there will be one major improvement only and that would be the addition of a blood oxygen level meter which will show you the saturation of oxygen in your blood so if it's anywhere between 95 and 100 then you're good anything lower You might want to go into your doctor also covid does actually affect the oxygen level in your blood so the series 6 might even be able to give you a notification in case uh you're showing signs that could point towards you having coveted so that's the main feature an oxygen level meter now aside from that the battery is also getting larger but only slightly from 296 million powers to 303.8 according to the leaks and the performance is also going to be improved thanks to a brand new processor the apple watch s6 cpu 

Now I am hoping that the battery life will be improved quite substantially because the series 5 was quite the noticeable downgrade over the series 4. like my series 4 could easily last me for 2 days whereas my series 5 has even died on me midday when i was like cycling for like four hours with the gps enabled and solar enabled so yeah obviously workouts they do kill off the battery life like crazy but still especially now since we have sleep tracking on watch west seven the battery life is more important than ever we've also seen reports that apple is working on an apple watch se essentially updating the upload series 3 with a more recent processor and selling that for around 200 now mark german from bloomberg has reported on this as well so it is looking quite likely that apple won't be just announcing one apple watch model next week but actually two the ipod 36 and this brand new apple watch sc we actually don't know 18 minutes overall to me it looks like apple's actually intentionally making very small changes to the apple watch to delay a big redesign as much as they can so the series 4 was really the big change design wise back in 2018 the series 5 only added a display controller which in combination with the ltpo display which the series 4 also has by the way allowed it to have an always-on display but that was it literally the display controller which the series 4 could have easily had it as well it only needed that time display controller in order to enable the always-on display and it seems like the series 6 will be another series 5. so another small upgrade with the biggest change just being that oxygen level meter which again could have easily been added into the series 5 and even a series 4. and finally it seems like there's also going to be a brand new ipad that apple will be launching as early as next week according to john prosser okay but which ipad is this is a brand new ipad pro or a brand new ipad air or the brand new entry-level ipad well it's definitely not an ipad pro as we just got one earlier this year it will either be a brand new ipad air so the ipad air 4 or a new entry-level ipad the ipad 8 generation now mydrivers.com which does have a mixed track record they reported that this ipad will come within 11 inch display an apple a14 processor and 128 gigabytes of baseline storage so essentially identical to the 2018 ipad pro in terms of the design just with a more powerful processor 91 mobile's posted a few schematics of this new ipad showing some slightly thicker bezels than on the ipad pro and a slightly smaller 10.8 inch display face id will be included as opposed to just touch id on the power button which a leaked manual was apparently showing smart connector does appear to be present on the schematics which could allow it to support apple's magic keyboard you know same design smart connector means smart keyboard well magic keyboard change the name and mark german and debbie wu of bloomberg have both reads in a fairly comprehensive report outlining apple's plans for this quarter According to them the ipad would indeed be a brand new ipad air with pretty much the same design style as the ipad pro so it would make a lot of sense for the display to indeed be an 11 inch panel rather than something smaller with slightly thicker bezel just to make the ipad pros look a bit better so i don't think that's gonna happen same design as the 2018 ipad pro that'll be my guess now i gotta say i'm a bit unsure in terms of the processor like some reports are saying that this will come with an apple a14x chip no way and some reports are saying that this this will come with an apple a14 chip and i'm very skeptical of even that the a14 would make sense 

Only if apple also updates the 2020 ipad pro with the apple a14x processor because otherwise it would just be a bit weird having the a14 in the ipad air and then a slower a12z which is slower cpus the gpu is more powerful on the ipad pro like this wouldn't make sense so that's my personal prediction cpu update for the 2020 ipad pro with the apple 14x now here's a bonus item so item number four a brand new pair of airpods and to be more specific the airpods studio so mark german and debbie wu also reported that apple is preparing a new pair of airpods you know those airpod studios that we've seen leaked and we've heard so many things about these for quite some time now now leaker comia he reports that the airpod studio will come in white and space gray the audio quality and active noise cancellation would be very high according to comia so this should be quite quite of an improvement over even the airpods pro and hopefully they should compete or even exceed uh the sony whs now apparently they will also come with apple's brand new h1x chip some new equalizer settings ear detection so just like the regular airpods apparently they will have some sort of hand gestures just like on the homepod that's a bit odd so maybe touch controls maybe but i'm not a fan of those anyway the price is set to be 350 so likely 350 pounds in the uk and they will ship in september or october and announced via a press release on apple's website so from the looks of it it seems like this could actually be announced as early as next week when apple also launches the apple r36 the apple watch sc and the brand new ipad air 4.
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