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Healthy Breakfast Making..

Hello guys, I am back again with my health article. I did a food prep video like a couple of weeks ago and you all loved it so much which was really nice to hear so I have devised five fun recipes all about breakfast so I did two a Paloma Instagram if you don't bore me Instagram it's just here Sara's I'm just glad day so make sure you follow that because I've always keeping up to date on my Instagram stories and posting but I asked you guys do you want sweet or do you want savory breakfast recipes and it was pretty much 50/50.

I'm showing you two sweet ones and three savory ones so let's jump into the first recipe okay the first recipe is very similar to my protein granola but this time it's like chocolate cocoa pop chunks but healthy it's delicious so you want to start with preheating your oven to 180 degrees Celsius so in this recipe I'm using uncontaminated oats which is like gluten-free oats if you can't find them and you are gluten free then you can definitely swap it out for some quinoa flakes.

I'm doing 1 cup of plain rolled oats 1 cup of rural bikinis otherwise known as buckwheat groats 1/4 cup of cacao nibs and then 1/2 a cup of any dried fruit I have 1/4 cup of currants and 1/4 cup of cranberries and then to make it chocolatey I've added 2 tablespoons of real cacao and 3 tablespoons of chocolate pea protein I'm using the choc protein by Tripucka this is the lean protein and then before I add any of the wet ingredients I just like to mix that around and ensure that the cacao and the protein powder is really covering every single ingredient so now that's all mixed together I'm going to add 3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil and then our last what ingredient is agave nectar you can either use a gibe a nectar honey rice malt syrup it's totally up to you just any kind of liquid sweetener I'm going to add 1/3 of a cup of this and you guys know I love salty sweet recipes so I'm going to add a little crushed salt mix it all together and that's literally the combo so easy so I've just lined my baking tray with some baking paper.

I'm just going to pour that over the top and then I do try to Pat it down relatively flat so it all cooks evenly now I'm just going to pop that in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes and then flip it but just keep an eye on it it really depends on how hot your oven is so in 8 to 10 minutes we'll come back to it and check on it so after 10 minutes I'm just gonna pull it out of the oven a little bit and sift it around and then I'm going to pull it back into the oven for another 10 to 15 minutes again just assessing by your own ovens so as you can see that is like really hard now because I like it really crispy so that was ten minutes on one side then I scooped it up and I mixed it all around and then ten minutes on the other side so all I have to do now is break it up I kind of like it in Chuck's like this because I think that's fun to eat so for breakfast I like to grab a big handful of the granola and throw it into a bowl with some fruit some berries I'm gonna throw some kiwi fruit in there as well and then I'm gonna put a few dollops of some coconut yogurt on top as well and that is my super simple and delicious chocolate with coconut yogurt and fruit so this is what I would eat in the morning and then with the rest of it I'll just chuck it into a jar.

I keep it in the cupboard to be honest we go through it within like two days but I probably would leave it for like one to two weeks max and then you can just add a little bit by a little bit to each breakfast plate okay my second sweet breakfast recipe is so easy you guys have no idea if you're short on time this is perfect for you and to be honest I often had this as a snack not even breakfast but this is a really good breakfast on the go because it's literally in a jar and you can like grab it and eat it in the car so this is my coconut berry chia pudding okay this is totally up to you you can either start with the chia pudding down the bottom but I find putting my berries down the bottom it just works a little bit better so I'm gonna start off with some blueberries and strawberries so I'm just doing a small handful of blueberries and look because we're on the go here we're busy people I don't even have time for a chopping board I don't know I think I get this from my grandma all the women in my family we all cut with our fingers so if you're like below the age of 18 maybe don't but yeah in our family we just like cut with our hands like we don't really use a chopping board so sorry for being a really bad role model okay my number one question when it comes to chia pudding is what is the ratio how do you get the right consistency.

 I have worked it out for you it is two tablespoons of chia seeds to 6 tablespoons of any kind of nut milk and here I'm just using coconut milk and then it's literally as simple as putting the lid on and shaking it up so obviously now as you guys can see it's still liquidy but we're gonna Chuck that into the fridge and it's going to set and it actually made one before it's pretty much going to become like this kind of consistency now as much as I love berries I want it to taste super sweet this is totally up to you you can I'd like a teaspoon of honey agave nectar coconut nectar or if you have liquid stevia so I'm going to add like four drops of liquid stevia but yeah if you don't have this you can totally just add honey while I'm at it I'm going to add a quarter teaspoon of vanilla as well I love anything vanilla and I'm gonna shake that up one last time then add granola on the top because I'm all about texture I like to have crunch in there as well I'm going to add my own granola that I made with loving Earth it's called deluxe mix and it's gluten free dough free cane sugar free whole food non-gmo organic it's absolutely delicious and it's a good combo of like some dried fruit so it's sweet but also has some good crunch in there seriously and that is so easy and like I said I usually have this as a snack but if you wanna have it for breakfast that is in your fridge ready to go just take away the spoon and you can eat it while you're at the traffic lights okay my first savory recipe of this video is zucchini fritters these remind me of like going out to breakfast.

I feel like these are perfect for a Saturday morning where you have like a good 10 minutes to just like spend chilling in the kitchen because it really does make for a really a deluxe beautiful brekkie okay so starting off with two large to medium zucchinis I'm just going to grate them if you have large zucchini maybe just do one and a half if they're medium you can do two ok the trick to having beautiful fritters and not soggy fritters is getting rid of the water in the zucchini so if you have 20 minutes you can always put some salt on the top of the zucchini and it helps dry out the water as we know I'm really impatient so I am going to put a little bit of salt on top but the main way I'm gonna get the water out of the zucchini is using a milk bag so I'm gonna chuck the zucchini in there and then you just want to squeeze it as hard as you can and get as much of the water out as possible because like I said that's just gonna help your fritter stay together and not be all soggy and gross okay I'm just going to be using a quarter of a red onion then I'm going to add that to my fry pan just on like a medium to high heat totally optional but I am going to add 50 grams which is like three slices of ham I just love I love bacon and ham it's probably the most unhealthy thing I eat but I just I love it so I'm going to add some slices of that and then I'm going to add that to the pin as well okay while that is cooking on the stove I'm going to go ahead and make the actual butter of the zucchini fritters so just cracking two eggs into the bowl whisk it with a fork and then add my zucchini from before oh that's perfect then to that I'm gonna add two tablespoons of arrowroot flour or tapioca starch totally up to you and one tablespoon of coconut flour and then salt and pepper to taste I like mine really really salty so yeah you do you with that one I'm going to mix it up and then at the end we'll add in our onion and the ham all right now we're taking this butter over to the fry pan to actually make our fritters and then it's roughly two minutes on each side or until golden brown so that was two minutes each side and these are perfect oh my gosh they smell so so delicious then I'm going to top it off with my tahini ranch if you guys want to know how to make that recipe you can click up here or I'll put it in the description box below that was from my first food prep recipe and then of course just a little crack of salts yes okay this next recipe I actually made up like four days ago because I had nothing in the cupboard.

 I had like a can of chickpeas a can of red kidney beans and lentils and I was like what can I make and this is honestly like my new favorite recipe whether it's dinner breakfast lunch whatever it is so delicious and so easy and it makes extra so you can just chuck it in the fridge and then have it the next day for breakfast and it's also plant base for everything in it is vegan friendly so all you're going to need is one can of chickpeas one can of red kidney beans and one can of lentils and I've just strained them rinsed them in water and chucked it in a colander then I'm just going to chuck them into a fry pan over medium to high heat I'm going to add two tablespoons of ground cumin one tablespoon of smoked paprika one tablespoon of curry powder and then salt and pepper to taste of course I always add a lot of salt and then mix that up over medium heat so obviously once you've freshly done this bean lentil mix it is hot but I actually like this cult so you can just chuck it in the fridge and then make wraps as you go if you want to microwave it or if you want to heat it up over the frypan you totally can but it tastes just as good in room temp or cold so I'm just using a buckwheat wrap.

I'm just going to start stacking it with whatever I have in my fridge today it is alfalfa sprouts some rocket cherry tomatoes the bean mix some chili and then my tahini Ranch Dressing I know I keep using this but honestly it's like the best dressing ever again that video is in the description box below now if you're going to take this breakfast along the road with you and like eat it on the go I like to wrap it in this beeswax wraps so I'll just wrap that in this and I can eat it the next day but if you're going to have it at home and then I like to toast my wrap I don't have a sandwich toaster so I just like to do mine on a frypan and just toast the outsides and it tastes so yummy and crispy on the outside okay my final recipe of the video is probably the most simple one because I learnt how to make this when I was like in year 3 or something I think it was like one of the first recipes I learnt to do in the kitchen and for me this is something that I want to eat pretty much every single day it's so easy so fresh and what I love is that most people have access to these ingredients so this is my super simple healthy and delicious Brigitte out with a poached egg so for starters I am doing this on bread I've just got like a paleo based bread here if you do want me to make a paleo bread recipe video then let me know leave it in the comments below and I'll definitely make it out for you but for this video I'm just saying grab whatever toast that you usually use whether it's like a gluten-free bread sourdough a paleo bread whatever you want so I'm going to add around 1 tablespoon of oil oil to the top with 1 clove of minced garlic and I'm just using my hands to massage that into the bread and then one thing I like to do is crisp it up over top of the fry pan so I've just got on like a medium heat and then is going to heat it and brown it up for like one minute on each side then the most simple bruschetta ever I don't actually have balsamic vinegar you can totally add that if you want but mine's like bass it's like if you don't have anything in your cupboard you can pretty much nice just most of the time I'm going to add two slices of a red onion 1 large tomato and I'm chopping that all up into little cubes a little squeeze of lemon juice and a little bit of fresh basil this is the key ingredient and then on top I've just poached an egg so high perch my egg is I like to pre boil my water and put it in a small saucepan with a little dash of apple cider vinegar or normal vinegar I bring it to the boil once it's boiling bring it back down to a simmer.

 I like to stir the water around so it's making like a little whirlpool then I crack one egg inside making sure that your water is not boiling so just make sure it's it like a chill simmer and I cook it for three minutes on the dot and that is like the perfect poached egg I'm just going to play little ups together with my bruschetta my egg on top and then with some salt and pepper so easy so delicious I can literally eat this every single day well they say is going to wrap up this video and then is my five healthy easy breakfast ideas honestly these are ideas that I make either every single morning or for lunch and dinner I kind of like mix it up I'm like that person who has like pancakes for dinner and lasagna for breakfast I just mix it up but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you're enjoying this food prep series I'm having such a good time in the kitchen making it for you so please give it a big thumbs up if you enjoy it because it really supports my channel make sure you subscribe because I upload new videos every single week and leave any recommendations you have in the comments below what do you want me to cook next whether it's desserts breakfast again lunch dinner whatever let me know I'll talk to you guys in my next video Oh No before I go honestly this is Fox's a favorite place in the house he has like this little state that he sits in and I put him there and we cook together and he just loves it imagine if he turns out to be a chef he hasn't started solids yet but maybe soon no okay all right guys that is it from us I'll see you guys in my article.
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