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Unique Festivals around the world

Posted by Anup Baral | September 02 , 2019 : In months of August, Teej may be a festival celebrated by women everywhere Nepal for 3 days. Ladies dressed up in red Saree and put red tika, bangles. Ladies gather around to sing and dance on traditional folk songs for days. It is specially significant for married women, once they get a special invitation to go to their maternal home and feast.
Following an extended feast also referred to as Dar, the women, sit for a 24 hour long fasting , where most don't eat or maybe drink water. What is fascinating is to observe women of all age bracket , young and old, dance for hours within the heat , rain, without a drop of water or food for an entire day. 

Following an extended feast also referred to as Dar, the women, sit for a 24 hour long fasting , where most don't eat or maybe drink water. What is fascinating is to observe women of all age bracket , young and old, dance for hours within the heat , rain, without a drop of water or food for an entire day.

 Alright guys, let's start our engines 'cause we've got a flight taking us to India. Spread your wings. - (speaks Hindi) I no English. - No English. That's alright. (upbeat Indian music with singing in Hindi) And this is where you'll be starting your trip here in India, if you're coming through Delhi. So we've landed at the international airport. Oh my gosh, and there's stray dogs everywhere here at the airport. Very cool. Hey, we found it! Look at that, we don't need GPS. This is our budget special. We booked a random hotel. I don't know if I picked the best place for the value. But guys, I'm off to bed now, I'll see you in the morning. Good morning guys, we're trying to catch a bit of a sunrise here. This morning, though, I've never seen anything like this. It is the thickest haze I have ever, ever seen or imagined. The buildings right up there? You cannot even see the windows. It's just like an outline, it's a silhouette. This is like a place that I have never, ever in my life even imagined. That's what I'm all about, though guys. I'm so excited to be here in India. Hello! - What's up dude? - [Christian] Hi, Ivo. Friends are here, hi friends. Look at this water. It almost looks a bit like tar, which is quite interesting. - [Ivo] I love how it bubbles. - [Christian] It's bubbling, I don't know why. How much? - One man, hundred rupee. - [Christian] Okay. What's your name? - Notama. - [Christian] Notama? I'm Christian. This is somewhere that I've been extremely excited to visit for a long time now. I know it's gonna be like no other country I've ever traveled before and, after just being here for a short eight hours, with a quick sleep last night, I can already guarantee you, it's out of this world.  So that was a magical sunrise. We just finished up with Yamuna Ghat and now we're like, how do we get out of here? 'Cause we don't have internet, we don't have any taxis around here, nobody speaks English and there is a beautiful cow here, relaxing, enjoying the daylight. 

Guys! Instead of wild dogs, you have wild cows and they're just grazing in the garbage right now. Oh my god, this is crazy. Now, see that cow actually has a necklace on. I'm gonna ask around a little bit more about it, but I know that in India, the cows are deemed to be holy and that's why they roam freely. People don't eat cows here, they are sacred creatures and you'll see them all over, even in the downtown square of Delhi. (loud bells and chanting) This is pretty much how traffic works or doesn't work here in Delhi. Lots and lots of it, zigzagging, sporadic movements, cutting in between each other. Like, there's really not much space between cars. I should probably get back inside here, I might lose my head. I should probably mention, today is actually my birthday, guys. I've just turned 26, it's a big day, never thought I'd celebrate a birthday in Delhi but, I'm open to it, and with that being said, as you guys might be able to tell, I'm always one step closer to world class dad jokes. Wouldn't be a stop to India without somebody getting sick and we are currently waiting on Malthe. We had to stop here, I had my little moment this morning. I don't know what it is. We've literally not eaten any street food, we've been drinking bottled water, brushed our teeth with bottled water. Life happens. - But I know there is something that they have eaten that I haven't and it was like, red chips. - We had some red chips. - And I'm the only one who haven't gotten sick. - India will not stop us. - No, we are only half there. But you have bad stomach as well? - Yeah, but I'm over it now. So I think we're prepping ourselves. We've gotten our bacterias out of the way, only one of us remains. - Yeah. - When are you gonna get sick? - I have Peruvian stomach, so I won't get sick. I have Peruvian stomach, so I won't get sick. (upbeat, cheerful music) - Okay, guys we have made it to Chandni Chowk and this is basically the beginning of Old Delhi. 

This is going to be an even more busy and old style side of the city. It's very cultural side and we're gonna be going in to one of the local markets here. Gonna be one of the most overwhelming things I've ever experienced. We've got the boys out here, just relaxing. It's a total vibe here. What is it? It's corn? - Oh no, no. - You know, I don't think Delhi necessarily has a ton of places that you can feel like you're getting away from the crowd, but I'm sure coming to this park helps open up a little bit. Into Chandni Chowk we go. Everywhere you go, exposed wiring just above your head. I can smell these amazing samosas right here, but I just don't know if being sick for the next three days is worth a delicious samosa. We'll keep walking, let's go check it out. (upbeat Indian music) I think this is a good time as ever to let you guys know that today, I'm actually working with Epidemic Sound and with the sound of Delhi, I also wanted to show you guys the sound of Epidemic. They've been the way I've been making my videos on YouTube for like, two years. I've been exclusively using their music. It's the only reason my videos are not demonetized right now. From music to sound effects, all using one source. You don't have to look anywhere else. So, let's continue on with our explorations of Delhi. (upbeat Indian music) We're going to be going into a Sikh temple, which is one of the main religions here in India and with that, we have to wash your hands and we have to wash your feet, so the first step. Step number two, on the way into the Sikh temple we're gonna be washing our feet. We all need to cover our hair, so even the men will need to wear some sort of a head wrap, so we're gonna go collect one of those. Looking fresh Malthe. The best word for this place is culture shock. Like, we're learning and seeing so many new things. It's crazy. (rhythmic temple music and chanting) This place right here, it's like an oasis. You come in here, you don't hear the horns, you don't have the crowds, you have space to yourself, you can just sit on the carpet. It's open, it's free to everyone. It's a very cool spot to check out if you're ever in Delhi. People will find a way to get the day to day done and in this case, you've got six or seven men pushing this huge load down this busy street. You could not fit trucks down here and so, that's one of the ways they do it. So, we've gotten the Delhi Express here for about two dollars. He's gonna be taking us to a little rooftop area. We've got no idea how far it is, but we told him we want to go to Masjid something, something. He's taking us there right now. (fun, upbeat music and cars honking) So Malthe and I are playing a little game right now, it's called rate that horn and basically, we're rating whether a horn was needed or not. Here in Delhi, people like to use them very liberally. If it's like for, you know, get out of my way, I'm about to run you over, preventative, we give it a 10. - This one was a six of ten. - If it's for awareness, we give it a seven out of ten because it's useful. If you're just honking the horn because you like the sound of it, that's a one. But the guy in front of him can't go any faster so wow, he didn't honk. - That's actually also something you can rate. - Round of applause. - That's a nine out of ten, no honk. - There's a dominance horn. Give it a six. 

Alright, that one was probably about a three. So right now, we're going through the spice market and I can feel it in my nose, my throat. It's actually really nice, it opens it up a little bit. - (coughing) I can't breathe. - Spicy. Everyone is coughing, sneezing, it's so strong. (coughing, sneezing) - [Malthe] How you feeling, Katy? - I'm sorry! I feel like they put me in a jar full of pepper. - Yeah. (upbeat music) Stop it, go away, shoo! Get lost. We're being warned by the local man here, it's probably best to keep moving. The monkeys are getting very aggressive towards us. - I think they surrounded us. - They surrounded us. One thing I'll definitely say about Delhi is that your senses will be heightened. You're kind of on adrenaline a little bit while you're first here. Now, obviously once you become a little bit more used to this, that might not be the case but for me, it's like, serious sensory overload. I mean, it is the busiest place I've ever been. The most chaotic place I've ever been. (yelling in foreign language) That's amazing. Oh my gosh, our driver just got out of the tuk-tuk to go and move stuff so we can drive around a truck. Look at him go. - Thank you man. - [Christian] Thank you. Ooh, nice and tight. Guys, we've been stuck here for 15 minutes, nothing is moving. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Bye, bye bye! Good luck everyone! We're making it through, we're making moves! Oh, good night guys, see you later. This is a video that best describes Delhi. Just a cow walking down the street, guy's lighting some fire. - [Malthe] Are we trying to get down in their way? - Oh my god, this is hectic. I don't have a word, I really don't. That's an awesome dog, what's his name? - Raja, Raja! - [Christian] Raja, hey! Hey, namaste Raja, namaste. I feel exhausted, just drained, completely drained. Tonight's my birthday dinner and I would rather just go to bed right now. I'm so tired after getting stuck in that traffic. I really take my hat off to people that just work through that traffic every day. But, we are home, The Legend. We've made it back, high fives all 'round. Here's to surviving. That was a weak high five. Katy has surprised me tonight, for my birthday. Cheers to that sparkling life. Comment down below if you're part of the sparkle squad. 26 years old, and enjoying every minute of it. One of the things that I was most excited about, of all of India, is this right here. The butter chicken with extra spice. It is so, so good. Katy got her own unspiced one. - It was amazing. - Unreal, guys. Oh my gosh. Guys, Indian food, and birthday cake, and cheesecake. Good morning guys and welcome to day number two, here in Delhi. The weather is just perfect right now. As you guys know, today's video is brought to you by Epidemic and I wanted to do the most musical thing you could possibly do here in India. - I'm gonna learn a Bollywood dance. - Who's ready to dance? - [Man] I'm so excited. Ooh, wow, pretty woman, namaste. Namaste with you. What's your name gonna be? You need an alter ego. - Akansha. - Akansha? - Akansha. - Okay, I'm gonna be Gunderbarr. Gunderbarr and Akansha. I need to be dressed a bit better. - Yeah, you need to dressed up. - One sec, guys. - Otherwise it won't work. - What? - Much better. - Basically, this is an Indian traditional welcome, this is how we welcome guests in our India. Welcome to Delhi Dancing. (Indian music with Hindi singing) - Practice time is over, it's the real deal. Let's do this. (upbeat Indian music with Hindi singing) You are by far the best. - You are amazing, babe, you are doing so amazing. I'm proud of you. - We've graduated from the class of Bollywood, it's now time for dandiya. (upbeat Indian music) This has been so much fun, one of my highlights of India. This is the coolest thing. (upbeat Indian music) (wooden sticks clicking) Good music. 

It's what'll separate a video that looks a little bit like this... (discordant ukulele music) from a video like this. (upbeat techno music) Epidemic Sound, the best copyright free music in the entire game. They are one of my favorite companies in the entire world because they have saved me so many countless hours in my life. They have saved so many of my videos from being copyright claimed and with a library as massive as theirs, they've done such an incredible job curating it in a way that makes it easy to get around, whether you're looking for beats, for somber music, for acoustics, for a hardcore techno beat to tell your German clubbing experience. Whatever you need, it's here on Epidemic and guys, big announcement, I've actually just dropped my official Lost LeBlanc Travel Essentials music album. But lucky for you, I did not write any of the music, so you'll definitely want to go check it out. If you're ready to take your videos to the next level, then check out the link down below because Epidemic Sound has a free 30 day trial, to check out their library, use it in your videos and even if you don't continue on with the membership, they will not copyright claim your video so you're good to go. And I can confidently say, it is the number one tool as a YouTuber. Back to video we go. Alright, step number one to the Indian crosswalk, is make sure you have a will. Step number two, don't take your life for granted, keep moving and even when death looks imminent, keep moving forward. Is she gonna do it? - She seems very confident, I'm just gonna follow her. - Oh! - Oh my god. She is confident, I told you. - See, that's how you do it everyone. I'm gonna try it, I'm gonna try it. It's better to step in front of the expensive cars because they're less likely to want to hit you 'cause they don't want to damage their vehicle. We're now leaving Delhi and we actually, originally had a train booked this morning but we decided not to get on the train because Katy was feeling a little bit sick, her time had come. - I have Peruvian stomach. Oh, I know all the steps now. - Pit stop number one, we have been waiting to get gas now for probably 30 minutes, but it's such a huge queue. - Are you a YouTuber? - [Driver] YouTuber, he's a YouTuber! - My channel's called PewDiePie, don't forget to hit subscribe! Bye! (laughs) Yeah, hit the like button. Welcome to Agra. Couldn't already tell, I have no energy but, I'm gonna get some rest so for tomorrow I can show you something absolutely incredible. Okay guys, good morning. We are about to go see one of the Seven Wonders in the world. One of the most well known things to do here in India. Katy just told me an interesting fact, because we're about 300 meters away from the Taj Mahal, our taxi told us to get out and we had to walk. Do you want to explain why that is? - Yes, because the Taj Mahal is made out of white marble, all the pollution and the cars' circulation, it was starting to become yellowish. And that's why they have closed the perimeter 400 meters away the Taj Mahal to preserve it. - It's crazy. So, let's see if it's a yellow Taj Mahal, or a white one. (slow pop music) This right here, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Taj Mahal, and it's massive posse of admirers. It is so busy, it's insane. You can see the light ridge just subtly touching the side of Taj, beautiful. So Raj was just explaining to me here that the Taj Mahal was actually made by 20,000 people, 1,000 elephants. The elephants had to bring in marble from 250 kilometers away and, look at the size of this thing guys. It is stunning, it is a masterpiece. It's probably the most beautiful building I've ever seen and when you consider the fact that is was built in what, the 1500's? - It started in 1631, completed in 1653. - And is it true that all of the people that worked on the Taj Mahal had their hands cut off? - No, this is just rumor. Nobody cut their hand, nobody killed their hand. - So it's all a rumor? - This is just rumor. - I mean, I have to say, I'm happy to hear that but deep down inside, I was like that was such a cool story. The reason it was made was actually the King here had a very beautiful third wife, she was Persian, and he wanted to commemorate her with this mausoleum. And so, what you're actually looking at is a Persian style building and there's a mosque here and then there's another building, right on the other side, that's absolutely symmetrical. The whole Taj, from the inside to the outside, is symmetrical. The only thing that is not symmetrical is the fact that the King's tomb and the Queen's tomb are different. The history here is so, so rich and I have to say, in a world where so many of the landmarks don't live up to the hype, this is one of them. It's so beautiful. You'll definitely have to compete with crowds, but that's not a surprise to anyone here. 

I can't hold it up much longer! Raj, get in here. Raj, I need your help. Alright, so we're going into the mausoleum and for that we need shoe covers, just like Raj has on here. So the middle is the Queen, and it's smaller, but the outside one is the King, and that's the only non-symmetrical thing here. Guys, you see that right here, that is one piece of marble. Each of these are slabs of marble that were intricately carved to be almost like a gate enclosure. And to think this country would have been probably facing famine, starvation, back in the day. There would have been so many people that, again, were the have-nots and then this guy was building a super palace. Not even that, a place to commemorate his death. That's super extra. So this is Tori and Tori is our driver. We just found him outside the hotel and he offered to drive us, gave us an awesome price and seemed like a nice guy. So Tori's gonna be driving us right now to, sorry what was the name of it? - Vrindavan. - Vrindavan. This is gonna be one of the craziest places to witness what is currently going on in India. This is Holi, or known as Holy and it is the color festival where people take dried paint in all sorts of neon colors and throw it at each other. It's gonna be absolutely wild. What do you do? - I give dogs food now, for the feeding. - [Christian] Your dogs? - I love dogs, yes. Not my dogs, but street dogs. - [Christian] Street dogs? - Yes. - I'm so confused right now. (Tori yells) Do you do this every day? - Yes, yes. - [Christian] Every day? - Yes! - [Christian] Wow. Hi guys, look at these happy puppers. Look at how excited they are. - Every morning, I come. - [Christian] They love you. - Yes, yes. I love all animals. - [Christian] Oh, me too. Wow, you just feed 60 dogs every day. - Yes, yes. - [Christian] Wow, that's a lot. Do most people do that? - Most people, yes. Mostly Hindu people. 120 rupees every day. - [Christian] Wow, that's very generous. - No problem, god help me. I help the animals and god watching me. Tori do good, that's why. - [Christian] That is doing good. - T-shirt, over there. One minute? - Hello, hello! - Hello, welcome to the Vrindavan Taj Mahal. - I'm going to be covered in paint and everything we're wearing is gonna get destroyed. - Like this? - [Christian] It's nice, but how much is it? - Only 700? - [Christian] 700, that's a lot. - Sir, I give you nothing or 1,200. - I think that's fine. You like it? - [Tori] Yes! - I think I look good. - [Tori] Ooh, with the woman Indian! - Oh, she's my girlfriend, my friend. - I'm taking your girl. After some fierce negotiations, we basically just told our taxi driver to come up and speak reason to them. We got this all for 1200 rupee. - He invited us to whiskey tomorrow here. - Ooh! - [Malthe] He got it for us already. - Ooh, you got it for us? Wow. Our driver Tori is full of surprises. I think I'm gonna link his phone number down below. The chaos is already rising a little bit. We're starting to see people just covered in the dried paint. Now, I'm gonna be putting this away safely in my little protective pack, so I'll see you in a sec. Here we go, I don't know why. They just opened the door. (crowd cheering, upbeat music) Oh my god! I'm from Canada! Happy Holi, very nice hair. (crowd cheering, upbeat techno music) I have had about 63 selfies today, this is what happens when you ask a group of guys to throw paint at you. It's all over me. I love it, this is so cool. Not only does he care about animals, he has been stopping and giving money to every beggar we've seen. He just gave food to a family, he's the real deal guys. If you're coming to Agra or anywhere near, I'm sure he'll meet you, his number will be down below. You can Whatsapp him. - [Malthe] Hero. - A living legend. I'm washing my hands and a monkey, literally. It happened so fast. 

It was just like, boom and gone. It was complete one touch and go and he ran off with my glasses so luckily, as always, Tori sprung into action, I don't know how, but within 10 seconds, he had a juice box. He threw it up to the rooftop there. The monkey grabbed onto the juice box, still had the Ray-Bans, usually they end up dropping the glasses, 'cause they lose interest, 'cause there's something tastier, but this one was a smart monkey, he kept both, so he has the juice box, Ray-Bans and started running further up the walls there, but then, luckily, he decided to leave it there so we just paid one of the locals to go get it for us and Holi, today, the pre-Holi, was a 10 out of 10, a lot of fun. I really can't see a better place to end India. So far, I have loved every minute of this. It has been a huge mix up to everything that I'm used to in a trip, and I couldn't recommend it more to those of you, who are ready to experience something that is full on, raw and real. I want to give a huge thank you today to Epidemic Sound. If you want to try it, 30 days, no commitment, it's completely free, there's a link listed down below in the description. It is a necessity if you're gonna make videos here on YouTube, so check it out and guys, see you next Saturday. Let's get lost again in the next one.
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