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Heavy rains predicted in Himalayas

Villagers pladding
 In Nepal almost every monsoon the Narayani river changed its course and entered the riverside settlements displacing around 160 households.

Whenever it starts to rain, the 55-year-old farmer from Ratanpur in Madhyabindu Municipality in Nawalparasi (East) fears about the history repeating itself. His how is near the edge.

Mahato said he still remember the the 20 years ago chaos as it had been yesterday. He also mention that his family are living with an equivalent fear.

In 2000, He was busy in his paddy fields, water levels within the Narayani river suddenly began to rise and reached the high level in few minutes. An equivalent week floodwaters from the river submerged a whole village, and around 300 acres of farmland was lost.

“There was water everywhere,” said Mahato

The river has stop large swathes of land in Ratanpur, Sehari and Nandapur areas over the years.

The erosion of the embankments of the Narayani river has increased the danger of floods within the settlements once more . a few thousand families living in close proximity of the river are now in danger of being displaced.

While families of Madhyabindu hope for a long-term solution for tackling their annual trouble, the country’s monsoon concerns aren't over yet.

With incessant rainfall since Sunday–and the prediction of its continuity for a couple of more days– the country is once more bracing for more devastation within the coming days.
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