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Kulekhani Reservoir

Kulekhani Reservoir, commonly known as Kulekhani is situated at Makwanpur District of Nepal. It is a hydroelectricity dam. It is famous for its landscapes and fishing.It is only about 3 hours of drive from capital of Nepal Kathmandu.

Kulekhani Reservoir is a refreshment destination to escape from your monotonous routine life. It comprises striking landscape, delightful scenes, and green dense forest where hiking is the best option to explore this splendid valley.

Kulekhani dam is a place to hang out with your dear ones. From mountain surrounding Kulekhani  you can see the great view of Kulekhani River and Kulekhani Dam as well. There is also a Kulekhani picnic spot which is known as very popular spot.

Moreover, Kulekhani Reservoir is popular for water sports like; boating and fishing.
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