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Visit Nepal Year Preparation

Tourism Development Committee of Nepal is planning to make on-site visit and study the hotels along lake side in Pokhara which are said to be successful in drawing tourists' attention.

Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Development Committee and Hotel and Restaurant Entrepreneurs are taking joint venture to study the hotels and restaurants being operated in Pokhara, shared committee chairperson Raju Khadka. chairperson to see the techniques of hotel management so that they can also attract more tourists during the Visit Nepal Year 20209".

Hotel business is considered successful business in Pokhara. Coordinator of Federation of Hotel Entrepreneurs Gandaki acknowledgethat food, hospitality and reception also help make the hotel service tourist-friendly. The preparation of visit is expected to enhance hotel enterprises related knowledge, skills and capacity.
According to the Tourism Development Committee, observation of hotels on the Lake Side of beautiful Pokhara along with hospitality services to foreign and domestic tourists and experience sharing among the hotel entrepreneurs involved in tourism and hospitality service will be undertaken on last week of January.
The team is also scheduled to obtain information from federal and state governments of Nepal about tourism policy and program, the committee informed.
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