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Visit Nepal Year 2020

Message From Minister of Culture, Tourism And Civil Aviation Hon. Yogesh Bhattarai : I have recently assumed the office of the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and it is my foremost agenda to address all the bottlenecks. There are a number of challenges, and it is going to be my personal focus to ensure that we address each setback in a systematic, effective and judicious way to ensure results that are not just surfacial but have a lasting impact on the growth and development of the industry.  Right from the airport to each touch point that a visitor to Nepal experiences must be converted to the simplest possible hospitality we as a rustic offer our guests. This can be achieved only every citizen engages within the campaign. I understand that development of infrastructure is that the key to the expansion of tourism and that i assure you that the govt has placed high priority on infrastructure development in the country; my focus is to make sure that tourism related infrastructure gets due priority in implementation. The most important factor at this time is to improve our products so we can design this campaign , also refine out marketing strategies. Our success however is obligatory the synergy of our efforts. The campaign initiatives must reflect that we are working towards the highest standards in promoting Nepal as a preferred travel destination, and a country that values and safe guards its environment and heritage. Tourism may be a powerful thanks to advance inclusive economic process . It creates jobs and provides livelihoods in the remotest corners of our country. It promotes social mobility, develops critical infrastructure, connects economies to global value chains, increases trade and investment, and when done carefully, protects the environment and preserves our cultural heritage. Its trans formative impact can drive our country on the trail of shared prosperity.
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